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Dr. Mona Hajras

President of “Together for Human Rights” Association

In 2011, the winds of change blew away the Arab World and we believed at first glance that these were also the winds of prosperity, before we eventually realized that they were, in fact, tempestuous and tumultuous winds. No sooner had our countries been blown away by disasters and plagued by wars and gross violations than we realized that we were in need of another revolution on the part of the sons of our homeland, in order to counter these winds and stop the comprehensive national bloodshed and to rid ourselves of the gloom of these times that have been experienced by our Arabian Gulf, in particular, and the Arab World, in general.

In several countries, there came groups which believed in the values and principles of respect for and protection of human rights. Meanwhile, they understood that we need to work together to achieve this within a comprehensive national project for protecting national vested rights and maintaining the development and progress of our countries, via their peoples and resources. Such efforts of collaboration firmly established human-rights work that is based upon justice and rights, standing up to the unjust, whoever he might be, and defending the oppressed, whoever he might be. These patriotic hands have worked day and night, for many years, finally bringing us to a promising place, after the hard journey that we, as the people and government, have gone through in our Arab world, and finding a glimmer of hope that urges us to carry on with our work, until we reach our final destination.
Now that things have reached a situation of stability in our Arab and Gulf countries, we see what has become of the seed that was sown, years ago, with the start of our “Arab Autumn” or, as some would like to call it, “Arab Spring”. We find that it has borne fruit in many of our countries, in the guise of the young men and women who believed in the international statute of human rights, not only because it entails original values and sublime principles, but also because it is a pure part of our true Islam, which was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an 1400 years ago, where Allah the Almighty says, “We have honored the sons of Adam”. Also, in a traditional Hadith, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says, “It is forbidden for a Muslim to shed the blood of another Muslim, take his money and encroach upon his honor” and, in another Hadith, “he who causes harm to a Christian or a Jew is deemed to have caused me harm”. Thus, He was the Prophet and Messenger for all of humanity. Such young men started their work with hands and hearts united. All were gathered under the umbrella of their home country, which nurtures them all, and they are governed by the constitution and the law, which is the fortress and citadel of justice, liberty and dignity. They are all urged by their love and their sense of belonging to their home country.

They have worked over these few years in the field of human rights and were very impartial, transparent and unbiased. They never complimented, or took sides with, any person at the expense of justice, and they never supported injustice. They called for rights, liberties and dignity and established work that was essentially comprehensive and transparent, and they never excluded or retaliated to anyone. They never lied, nor made any exaggeration about the facts, nor hid reality. They believed that rights, liberties and dignity are sublime human values and that these are inherent rights, are part of us, and may not be confiscated from or denied to us. Rather, they are rights based on partnership and moderateness; partnership is the means for achieving justice for everyone in exercising rights, and moderateness is the means of avoiding, on the one hand, the arbitrariness of some people in exercising such rights and, on the other hand, the extremism of others claiming them, or working to achieve them. Hence, they started their work in a real partnership between all parties. They were open-minded and did not fear or flatter any person, with the home country and human beings as their great, twin aims; in pursuit of which, they protect and esteem their home country and protect and respect human beings.

Today, we can see them in many local, regional and international arenas. We find them working diligently, at the internal level, to disseminate a human-rights culture and to build a real and effective partnership for improving the human-rights conditions in our home countries. They have become regionally and internationally prominent and have taken the floor to speak with dignity and belief in human values and principles and with their hope for a brighter future, with greater justice, dignity and equality prevailing. We can find them in the Gulf, where their efforts of collaboration in human-rights networks and associations promote human rights within the comprehensive Gulf system which has established our Arabian Gulf entity. In the Arab World, they have enhanced their mechanisms, through coordinated efforts and follow-up of work. They are eager to develop such Gulf and Arabian systems, to build a true Arab nation, which they feel to be a tangible and true reality in their lives. They lay firm foundations for the dignity of Arab citizens and work to safeguard their liberties, defend their rights and grant them the justice they deserve and aspire to. It is an issue which needs more research, concern and care, on the part of our Arabian regimes. Meanwhile, these are all personal efforts, exerted by young people, and they deserve every support from the UN and international associations, as well as from the private sector, which, within the recent vision of 2015, has become an important and principal element in the human-rights formula, in which it is expressed that it is necessary to focus on the issue of human and work rights, whether at the level of States or at that of the regional institutions and organizations.

Meanwhile, we have to point out to several human right issues to which we must pay much attention. No violations must continue in our countries without an action or accountability. In addition, some persons must not be allowed to destroy countries, terrorize societies, take possession of all the rights and suppress liberties. It is not acceptable to keep silent about these negative aspects. This is the responsibility of the State which protects liberties and rights and which guarantees security, peace and justice. The aim is to achieve peace and prosperity for all, and every individual must be able to lead a life in which dignity, liberty and justice prevail, both at the individual level and at the level of societies and institutions, within the framework of the law and under its umbrella.

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