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A Human Rights Seminar Entitled “No to The FIFA World Cup in Qatar”

The International Human Rights Symposium, “No to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar”, was held in Vienna on Sunday, July 30th 2017 in which a final statement was issued by some human rights organizations supporting the demands for FIFA to withdraw the 2022 World Cup from Qatar because of their support for terrorism.

The international legal forum called on FIFA to respond to the demands of these unions and international organizations and to withdraw Qatar’s hosting privileges after the world confirmed Qatar’s support and funding for terrorism and terrorists in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

The Arab Federation for Human Rights (AFHR) valued the decisive position of a number of international organizations and bodies and a number of countries in the world, which based its request on Article 85 of the FIFA Regulations, which allows the withdrawal of the files of the organization from countries and transferring them to others in case of emergency circumstances. Qatar’s support for terrorism is “an emergency”.

The Arab Federation for Human Rights (AFHR) expressed the concern of the international community about the establishment of this tournament in Qatar because of the serious violations against foreign workers working in sports facilities in Qatar and the increase in the number of death cases of these workers, which is upwards of 4,800 fatal accidents.

In addition to this is Qatar’s lack of commitment to its international commitments to protect workers’ rights and protect them from work accidents, as well as the fear of the rights to safety and security of the football fans and masses who will travel to Qatar to watch the tournament.

The Federation said that the financial return that Qatar will achieve from the tournament will go to finance terrorist groups in the world, asserting that for these reasons combined, it is urging the International Federation of Football to clearly state its position and cancel the football event in Qatar.

Additionally, international trade unions and organizations demand that the Director of the International Labor Organization and the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva immediately intervene in the direct violations by the State of Qatar against expatriate workers operating in Doha which is currently estimated at about 2.2 million workers, the majority of them from Asian countries.

The Arab Federation for Human Rights will soon announce the formation of a workers’ rights network and representatives of workers’ victims in Qatar to follow up on the implementation of the recommendations of the Vienna Human Rights Symposium, particularly the contact with FIFA, the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Human Rights Council.

Source: Saki Arab News: http: //www.skynewsarabia.com/web/article/96867/

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