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AFHR Organizes a Seminar Calling for the Accountability of Human Rights Organizations Promoting False Allegations of Secret Prisons and Warns that Terrorism is a Threat to Development in Yemen

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Human rights activists strongly criticized organizations that have published reports alleging the existence of secret prisons in Yemen and called on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to establish a mechanism to hold these organizations accountable. The call was made at a seminar organized by the Arab Federation for Human Rights in Geneva on September 22nd 2017 based on the results of a fact-finding committee that recently visited Yemen.

The Committee concluded that what was said about alleged secret prisons in Yemen were lies based on no basis or evidence. According to the Commission’s report, its meticulous and professional investigations confirmed that “there are no secret prisons in the provinces of Aden or Hadramout, and therefore any allegations alleging otherwise are incorrect and even malicious.”

The report confirms that all civilian prisons in the two governorates are official and restricted in the Public Registry of Prisons and are subject to the supervision of the Public Prosecution and the supervision of the judiciary.

During the seminar, which was chaired by Sarhan Saadi, the General Coordinator of the Arab Federation for Human Rights, the organization presented a documentary film depicting the Committee’s visits to various regions in Aden and Hadramout. “All that is said about secret prisons is empty and false,” said Major General Fadl al-Omari, commander of the 4th military zone, which has all the military units in Aden. He strongly criticized the associations, organizations and entities that promote these lies. He said: “There are no political prisoners in any of the camps and military sites of the fourth military area that we inspected.”

Saadi said that all these rumors about alleged secret prisons are  “politicized stands behind the parties and regional countries in the region such as Iran, Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Journalist and writer Abdul Aziz said that the United Nations Human Rights Commission should be questioned addressed on the position of organizations that issue politicized reports. He asked: “Is there a mechanism at the United Nations to stop such acts by organizations belonging to Qatar or the Muslim Brotherhood.” He warned that tolerance of such practices “will make the concept of human rights a bad one.”

Abdullah Ali al-Bajiri, Yemen’s former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Russia said that “Terrorism in Yemen has resorted to new means, such as the destruction of infrastructure and facilities and the promotion of the drug trade.” He added that “we must take decisive measures to combat this terrorism, which threatens development, especially in the liberated areas, and called for the enactment of a law criminalizing atonement and murder.”

Nasr Salem Obaid, a Yemeni researcher at the University of Düsseldorf in Germany, said that terrorists groups in Yemen are targeting people, institutions and state institutions, and investors. He also pointed out that the terrorist groups, headed by “Al Qaeda”, destroy media and cultural institutions and economic, including banks, even the central bank in Mukalla. He said al-Qaeda had deprived 10,000 children of birth certificates.

Rasha Mahmoud Obaid, a Yemeni activist and researcher specializing in post-war development issues, reviewed the development experience in southern Yemen. She warned that security remains a problem that impedes development and lack of skills because the regime of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh deliberately weakens the south.

For more details on the report of the Arab Federation on Prisons in Aden and Hadhramout, please visit:

http://arabfhr.org/reports_research/%d9%84%d8%ac%d9%86%d8%a9-%d8%aa%d8%ad%d9%82%d9%8a%d9%82-%d9 % 8a% d9% 85% d9% 86% d9% 8a% d8% a9% d8% a7% d9% 84% d8% b3% d8% % 84% d8% b3% d8% b1% d9% 8a% d8% a9-% d9% 81% d9% 8a% d8% a7% d9% 84% d9% 8a% d9% 85%

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Arab Federation for Human Rights

Geneva – September 22nd  2017

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