Arab Federation for Human Rights Welcomes Final Declaration of the First Meeting of the Islamic Coalition against Terrorism

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Arab Federation for Human Rights Welcomes Final Declaration of the First Meeting of the Islamic Coalition against Terrorism

The Arab Federation for Human Rights (AFHR) welcomes the final declaration of the first meeting of the Islamic Military Coalition to Combat Terrorism (IMCTC), issued last Sunday during a conference in the Saudi capital Riyadh under the slogan “Allied against terrorism.” During the meeting, top defense ministers of the Arab region reaffirmed their determination to eradicate terrorism which threatens international peace and security and has become more deadly than ever. They equally recognized the mechanisms to address and comprehensively confront terrorism intellectually, informally, financially and militarily wise.

The statement stressed the determination of the countries of the Islamic Coalition to combat terrorism by coordinating united efforts to prevent the dangers and stand against it. It also stressed the importance of joint effort, organized collective action and comprehensive strategic planning to deal with the threat of terrorism and put an end to those who seek to evoke conflicts and sectarianism as well as the spread of chaos, strife and unrest within their countries.

The declaration likewise pointed out that: “Terrorism has become deadlier than ever before, particularly in our Islamic world, which suffers from the crimes of terrorism, inflicting heavy losses in property and lives, and has shattered the dreams of broad sectors of societies trying to live in peace and tranquility.”

At the intellectual level, the statement further stressed “renewed their determination to address terrorism through education and knowledge, to highlight correct Islamic concepts, and to establish the truth of moderate Islam, which is consistent with human nature and common values.” This is because terrorist organizations have distorted the concept of jihad in Islam” and threaten “world peace in order to achieve their destructive goals. They have spread and expanded their ideologies which have had a profound effect on individuals and societies. Therefore, there is an urgent need to address terrorism by scientific means and to highlight the correct Islamic concepts, to clarify the fact of moderate Islam that is consistent with common sense and coexistence with the other cultures in security, peace, justice and charity.

In the media aspect, the declaration decided to use the media in the face of terrorist propaganda and to clarify the seriousness of its actions, uncovering the methods of terrorists in promoting and exposing their beliefs and defaming their perceptions. It equally stressed the importance of investing in the new media in educating the members of society and to prevent terrorists from deceiving them.

On the fight against the financing of terrorism, the statement called for the drying up of terrorist financing sources with increased coordination and exchange of information and data among countries in this field, as well as the development of systems and procedures for the prevention of terrorism from any financial sources.

The statement also highlighted the importance of the military role in combating the threat of terrorism, enhancing security and peace in the countries of the Islamic alliance and contributing to regional and international security and peace. It stressed the importance of ensuring that the coalition countries have the necessary military capability to ensure the weakening of terrorist organizations, dismantle and eliminate them and not give them the opportunity to reorganize their ranks.

The Arab Federation for Human Rights stresses the importance of the Islamic Military Coalition to Combat Terrorism, which includes more than 40 Islamic countries, and sends a strong signal to the terrorist organizations and countries behind them that the coalition states will work together and coordinate closely to support each other’s efforts, financial, intelligence, political, intellectual and media aspects.

AFHR also supports Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman opening comments at the event, saying that the formation of the alliance “represents a new phase of the war against terrorism that will begin more effectively and that the greatest danger caused by terrorism and extremism is to distort the Islamic faith and distort the image of the Islamic religion” and his assertion that this is not allowed today.

Arab Federation for Human Rights

Geneva, November 27th  2017


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