Anti-Terrorist Observatory Condemns Terrorist Bombing in Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

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Anti-Terrorist Observatory Condemns Terrorist Bombing in Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

The Anti-Terrorist Observatory of the Arab Federation for Human Rights (AFHR) and the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (AFHR) strongly condemns the terrorist bombing that took place in the northern Egyptian city of Alexandria on Saturday, 24/3/2018, which is aimed at undermining the country’s security and stability. The Observatory calls on the Egyptian government to immediately and urgently investigate this terrorist incident and prosecute the perpetrators by bringing them to trial as well as administering appropriate punishment which will deter all others who seek to violate the human right to life, one of the most revered human rights.

The Alexandria governorate recently witnessed a loud explosion in its eastern parts on the Romanian camp road. An explosive device was placed under a car on the side of the road which targeted Alexandria’s security chief police Major General Mostafa Al-Nemr. He escaped the assassination attempt but the explosion left two policemen death and wounding five others, according to the latest statement of the Egyptian Ministry of Health. This happened amid a security crackdown in preparation for the upcoming presidential elections.

The Observatory expresses its deep condolences to all Egyptians in all victims of this terrorist attack. It affirms that what is happening is a brutal act that violates the fundamental right to life, which is guaranteed by several international human rights instruments and various constitutions, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which states in its Article 6 that” the right to life is an inherent right of every human being. The law shall protect this right and no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life. “

The Observatory believes that the spread of terrorism in this way is a threat to all humanity and constitutes a violation of the most basic human rights, namely, the human right to life, which requires the solidarity of the international community and nations in order to confront and eradicate the root causes of terrorism. Terrorism targeting civilians is a direct violation of the rule of law and of international human rights law that combat terrorism. The International Convention against Terrorist Bombings prohibits the “Illegal and deliberate use of weapons and explosives in public places for the purpose of causing death, injury or mass destruction, to do force the government to do something specific”, and is therefore considered a crime against humanity.

The Observatory calls on the Egyptian authorities to take practical and rapid steps to combat terrorist activities, intensify security forces, provide adequate protection for citizens and vital installations, and promote the values and principles of human rights. The Observatory also demands that the forces of extremism and terrorism be pursued, brought to justice and that the Egyptian people should be united in the face of this treacherous and treacherous terrorism that seeks to destabilize the homeland.

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