About The Federation

The Arab Federation for Human Rights was officially founded during an event organized by the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland’s capital, on September 21st 2015 which turned-out to be the International Day of Peace. The establishment of the organization took place at a side event of the meetings of the thirtieth session of the UN Human Rights Council.

During the opening ceremony, ,Dr.Ahmed Thani Al Hamli head of the founding committee of the Federation clarified that the board of directors of the organization held its first official meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. This meeting was followed by several others aimed at developing the concept of the Federation which emerged from the urgent need to unify all Arab Human Rights organizations. Their unified efforts will be geared towards an integral legal work, the development of the Arab world as well as working to showcase the reality of and improving the human rights situation in the Arab world. Thus, the Federation resulted from the concerted efforts, support and coordination between the different active parties working in the human rights field in the Arab region.

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The idea of creating the Arab Federation for Human Rights came as a result of an elaborate research concerning the human rights conditions in the Arab region. Many countries in this region are ripped apart by conflicts and the unguided efforts between the different active parties working in the field of human rights have gone a long way to augment the human rights violations as well as regress the legal systems and national legislations of these countries. The Arab Federation for Human Rights is determined to tackle and resolve these issues in a positive and constructive way, which will require integrity and a mutual interaction between the human rights systems and the freedoms in the Arab world. This initiative also aims to have the Arab Federation for Human Rights as the only Arab reference for all the human rights affairs concerning the Arab world and Arab citizens. The Federation will also serve as an essential link between regional Arab movements with different pertinent national, regional Arab bodies as well as the international and regional NGOs.


The Arab Federation for Human Rights is a civil independent Arab initiative that aims to build a federation of the non-governmental human rights organizations, institutions centers and civil societies in the Arab world or that are concerned by its affairs. This will enhance their contribution in the improvement of the human rights reality in the Arab region and heighten their participation in the development of the national legislations in their respective countries. It will equally help them work efficiently on spreading the human rights culture in their society; deepening the understanding of the concepts of peace, tolerance and national reconciliation between all the constituents of the society; renouncing violence and terrorism in all its aspects and forms; and working on realizing justice, freedom, equality and development in the Arab countries.


The objectives of the Federation are centered on enhancing and supporting the world human right principles as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international treaties, conventions and protocols, that governs international humanitarian law. Moreover, the Federation will endeavor to exploit all its capacities to improve the human rights situation in the Arab world and work on spreading societal and institutional awareness and establish the principles of equality, justice, equal citizenship and peaceful coexistence between the different parts of society. Moreover, the Federation will work on supporting Arab women through enabling and enhancing programs, defending their rights and supporting international and regional actions aimed at protecting women and children. The Federation will also take charge of requesting the initiation of programs intended to protect Arab emigrants and refugees in the world.

The Federation will also focus on the enhancement of Arab solidarity ties in the human rights field and encourage the complete participation of the different concerned parties in the amelioration, development and protection of the human rights, thereby improving both Arab and international commitment therein. This includes civil societies, NGOs, Arab governments and regional bodies such as the League of Arab States and the executive committee of the GCC countries.

Legal Frame

The statutes of the Federation represent its main legal reference to which its management refers to and that governs all its affairs. Although the internal and organizational lists of the Federation prepared by the executive committee are considered as effective after the head of the Federation (the Head of the Board of Directors) adopts them, its offices and headquarters are governed by the laws and regulations of the country in which the branch is established.

Organizational Frame

The Federation is headed by a President who is elected by the General Assembly. The executive committee including its founding members under the direct supervision of the President. The membership of the Federation is open to all NGOs working in the human rights field as well as all civil society organizations working in human rights and the protection of rights and freedoms in all the Arab countries including those working in the Arab affairs and identity. The Federation allows everyone to be involved in its works, consulting experts in human rights and international law as well as renowned consultancy centers, notably the Trends Research and Advisory center which contributed efficiently in the development and support of the final aspect of the Federation. The executive committee shall manage and operate the works and affairs of the Federation, while the General Assembly shall develop the future general comprehensive frames and strategies for the operation, programs and projects of the Federation, which the executive committee will then translate and execute according to the capacities, resources and comprehensive vision of the Federation


The Arab Federation for Human Rights is headed by its President (head of the General Assembly) who represents it officially. The General Assembly shall be considered as the highest executive power in the Federation. The executive committee represents the executive power of the Federation and is managed by the President.

Our Office

The Arab Federation for Human Rights is based on Geneva Tour Balexert Sarl,Avenue Louis-Casaï 18, 1209 Geneva, Switzerland