World Cup Or World Shame

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Since Qatar won the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, it has sparked international outrage that forced FIFA under the microscopic lens of the international legal community against critical issues on migrant workers’ abuses; terrorism financing; and bribery and corruption claims, and Qatar’s complete disregard for human rights values. This AFHR report broadly examines Qatar’s role and responsibilities vis-à-vis the three key accusations: Can the World Cup 2022 in Qatar be free of human and labour rights violations? Can the World Cup 2022 in Qatar be free of corruption and bribery? Can the World Cup 2022 in Qatar be free of extremism and terrorism?. In this report, AFHR aims to shed more light on the allegations levied against Qatar and equally points to the fact that, with FIFA’s commitment to adhere to and protect the basic human rights of all involved in it activities as well as assist in preventing corruption, it needs to consider the possibility of stripping Qatar from its World Cup host title and initiate a new bidding process.

  • The first section analyzes Qatar’s commitment to respect and grantee the protection of migrant workers in conjunction with international human rights treaties and ILO conventions it has ratified.
  • The second section of the report details evidence of how Qatar supports and finances terrorism which destabilizes the region which has resulted in a diplomatic crisis with its neighbors.
  • The third section explores the bribery and corruption scandal involving Qatar and FIFA officials during the biding process to host the 2022 World Cup.
  • The fourth section discusses FIFA’s role and questions its credibility based on its human right s policy and its commitment to respect and uphold and promote the highest international labour standards in all its activities as well as its reaction to the treatment of migrant workers working on the construction projects in Qatar. It equally questions FIFA’s trustworthiness with respect to the bribery and corruption claims during the biding process which is against it Code of Ethics.
  • The fifth section provides 26 recommendations to the Government of Qatar, FIFA and the international community.

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World Cup Or World Shame