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Statement of Federation Chairman

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Believing in the importance of collaborating to protect and enhance human rights throughout our Arab World, we have inaugurated the Arab Federation for Human Rights, to meet the urgent need of the Arab organizations to streamline their efforts towards an integrated and constructive human-rights work , to improve the conditions and circumstances of Arabian human rights, to defend the Arab citizen’s right to live with his dignity safeguarded, in a fair environment, and to protect him against violations and hold the perpetrators of any violations against his human rights responsible for their violations. We have endeavored to observe the effective implementation of the international standards of human rights at the Arab level.

The Arab Federation for Human Rights seeks to become the first framework of reference in all that concerns human rights issues in the Arab World, and also to become the key player in managing its Arab, regional and international activity with different regional, international and UN associations that are concerned with human rights, as well as regional and international non-governmental organizations alike.
The idea of establishing the Arab Federation for Human Rights as an independent Arab civilian initiative came as a result of profound investigation into the condition of human rights in the Arab World, which is characterized by conflict and distracting efforts among the different key players in the field of human rights. It was this situation which contributed to the widening of the scope of violations against human rights, and to the decline of its human-rights national systems and legislations. This is the point in which the Federation attempts positively and constructively to bridge and handle in a manner which achieves integration and interaction between the human-rights and liberties organizations in the Arab World.
To achieve this, we seek to empower the member Arab human-rights organizations and to improve their resources and the assistance they receive, to carry out their functions efficiently and effectively, starting with the objectives and missions of the Federation, which focus on strengthening Arab solidarity ties in the field of human rights and achieves full participation among the different key players, by improving, developing and protecting human rights in our Arab World. The Federation also supports its members in working together to overcome the obstacles that come from the new challenges in the field of human rights, and to work in spreading and generalizing the culture of human rights, as well as respect for their principles and values, in society.
The Federation laid down a comprehensive future vision, to enable it to invest all its abilities, utilize all the experience and resources in the Arab Region, cooperate with the regional and UN associations and bodies, and adopt the national, regional and international mechanisms which aim at protecting and enhancing human rights and achieving dignity and justice for the Arabian citizen, wherever he is. The Federation will also endeavour to facilitate the interchange of experiences, coordination among organizations, and the widening of the scope of cooperation for achieving best practice. This will be done in a manner which allows their experiences and supports to be utilized, and which equally allows the Federation to benefit from considerable regional and international support, in order to achieve its objectives and to facilitate the carrying out of its tasks. This will be effected by implementing technical and professional programmes that contribute to achieving the strategy of the Federation, on one hand, and that, on the other hand, respond to the concerns of the stakeholders and their programmes in the Arab region, such that the Federation’s mission, which contributes, in the first place, to protecting and enhancing human rights in the Arab world, can be achieved.